Health and Well Being of the EMS Professional

 I teach EMT-B Students on the side. It’s a nice change of pace from the odd sense of normalcy that is the Private EMS Industry. I go into work every day and get to see people that are genuinely excited to be there and learn how they are going to help someone the next time they encounter an MVC or a Medical Emergency.
I usually get involved with each course quickly, as such, I teach a lot of the early mundane lectures. I dont think there is any lecture (other than maybe CPR) that is as important as the Health and Well Being of an EMT. I can picture the eyebrows that just raised with me saying that. Here is where I am coming from, so hear me out.No one told me that when I was in EMT school, about 7 years ago, about what it would actually be like to deal with the good, bad and the ugly. Basically I was told that I was going to save the world, run home, switch into my leisure clothing, and do it all again the next time the pager went off. I thought everyone would love to see the EMT’s here to save the day. I thought everyone lived, blah blah blah you get the picture. I could sit here and tell war stories all night long, but you know what at the end of it all…you aren’t going to take anything away from this blog post other than a bitter taste of my egotistical tendancies. I want you to know WHY you do what you do. What do I mean? I mean when you pull up to a scene and you put someone in a stair chair to move them 5 feet, or feed an elderly patient’s cat prior to transport. These are things that help us stay connected to the human side of our job. It’s easy to look at each patient as an inhumaine object just waiting to absorb our skills whether that be IV’s ETI’S, IO’s, Chest Decompression etc.

Okay, so I started to get off on a tangent there for a second. I have written this blog post about 5 times so far tonight while I’m dispatching trying to pin down just what I am looking to say. I apologize if I seem a bit scatter brained, because lets face it…I am.

“The Health and Well Being of the EMT-B” is extremely important because it allows us to prepare (albiet minutely) for the stressors that we are going to have to deal with. By no means am I claiming to be a hardened EMS Professional. I enjoy teaching the new students how to properly deal with stress, good or bad. I talk about the dangers of self medication and the benifts of CISM or similar processes.

If you take anything away from this little blog here its that you need to understand that we are all humans, we are still able to feel (for better or worse). Don’t be afraid of feeling sad for someone in your care passing away because its the day that you don’t feel anything that something in your current career path needs to radically change quick.

Stay safe out there everyone! Talk to ya soon!


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