Keeping it Together, a Discussion About Unity.

So I have taken a couple weeks off from blogging. It’s been a busy end of August.

As usual, I was browsing the typical social media outlets and I saw a post from a fellow paramedic. He was mentioning how there was a showing of different agencies from around New England for (what I believe) was an EMS LODD Funeral. He was in shock that there was less than 300 people there for a LODD Funeral. To be honest, I can’t say that I blame him.

I look at the displays of unity from across the area, PD and Fire always have a strong showing at a funeral for one of their own. Thankfully, I have yet to experience a first hand EMS LODD Funeral. I have had colleauges sadly pass away due to accidents or illnesses. They are just as sad, just as tragic, but there isn’t that sense of sacrafice because it obviously was a tragic passing.

When will EMS providers get the picture about unity?

I sit around work and listen to people who do nothing, but complain, about doing work. If something goes wrong, there’s 10 people in line to throw some one under the bus, and 2 standing next to him. It is sad really. These attitudes are our biggest downfall. I would love nothing more than to see the EMS Profession grow into something that people want to make careers out of…but day after day we are sabotaging our own advancement.

My suggestion? Get involved. Get involved with National Associations, such as NAEMT (Please forgive my shameless plug). They are really making a substantial effort thru political channels to give EMS Providers the legislation necessary to bring our profession to the next level. I applaud them for doing that.

Next, share you’re ideas. We are not going to get anywhere if we don’t even try. Maybe using blogging websites, or other forms of social media opens doors I, personally, never thought of walking through.

Finally…When push comes to shove, be there. Don’t back down, don’t run away, and fight for yourself (collectively, not individually) EMS is a profession that I love very much. However the majority of EMS Systems are built on the never ending “revolving door.” Meaning there is always a constant turn over of employees and experience levels. If we ever solve these fairly substantial issues, then we will see EMS rocket into version 2.0


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