Bravo: Private Industry forcing EMS into the 2.0 Generation!

I have tried to make it a personal goal of mine to remain completely objective in regards to EMS products and their place in our daily work environments. Today, I am going to bend that rule…and give Physio-Control a major two thumbs up! They have put forth an unparalleled effort  to truly integrate the prehospital environment with receiving emergency rooms in ways that I have yet to see anywhere else.

If you are anything like myself, you may tend to drool anytime you see a LifePack 15 cardiac monitor. What you may not realize is that there is a lot more “behind the scene” software that has gone into this newest Physio-Control product. VP of Marketing for Physio spoke recently with Justin Schorr, of FRNtv. In the video which I have embedded below, Physio has created a network of information to be shared from On Scene EMS to In Hospital Physicians, and provides direct feedback to the providers after the call has been completed.

It has always been our practice as providers, if a call did not have a favorable outcome, that we would justify it with “well it was out of our hands.” The information collected from the LifePack gets sent thru the LifeNet system (which is a cloud based data software) and sent to the Code STAT system. This provides real time statistics for the Vent/Compression ratios to keep our providers on target with resuscitation management.

BRAVO! That really is awesome. Not only will this keep providers honest about how long they stop compressions for various skills (even though they aren’t supposed to!) But it allows providers to have that finite data that we all know and love to show that we really did do everything that we could for that patient.

Next is an ability to capture 12 Lead EKG’s at the BLS Level. This device is about the same size as an AED. It only requires EMT’s to know how to apply the leads and press transmit, and the information is sent over the LifeNet Network that I mentioned before. This is truly an excellent tool where there is gaping holes in ALS coverage, and allowing even sooner activation of that PCI Center.

Taking the profit motives out of it, Physio has proved to truly be a leader in product development and resuscitation management. It’s advancements like these that will lead the EMS industry into the 2.0 generation that we are all trying to reach.

I truly can’t say enough about the information that was found in this clip. Keep up the great work Physio, I am excited to see what you come up with next!



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