EMS 2.0 – Links

Below is a list, and sampling of the First Responders Network. The people listed blow are dedicated professionals who are working towards the cause of moving EMS into the next generation. If you took two minutes to look through my sites, then please take the time to look around some of the affiliate blogs as well. You just never know where it may lead you!!

  • First Responders Network | Founded This is the mother-ship of connections. Here you will find videos, fellow blogs, online video series, e-magizines, EMS Awareness, and edutainment. It is a collaboration of contributors working towards moving for the advancement of Emergency Medical Services.
  • EMS in the New Decade | A friend, and former coworker who got me into blogging and becoming an advocate for the advancement of the profession.
  • Setla Film Productions | A Paramedic, and cinematographer. He is essential in getting the visual side of the message out to all of our various followers.
  • FRNtv Blogs | Click here for a full listing of the latest EMS/Public Safety blogs out there. There really is some great reads out there. Take a look and see for yourself!

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